Finishing of the Garden shelter

Today was a good day to finish of the garden shelter at Good Neighbours. So here is the final shelter, which should enable us to use the garden through out the year (well, most of it). It was just Michael and me today, and here are pictures of the finished shelter and Michael standing in front of his creation. Many thanks also to Michael’s friend Ian who helped so much on Friday too


Merryn Cook’s talk about Chorlton Open Gardens

Merryn Cook’s talk about Chorlton Open Gardens, Thurs Nov 17th

Marry Cook gave a talk about  Chorlton Open Gardens which this year was held on Sunday, 26th June. The first Chorlton Open Gardens event was held in June 2011 in aid of the charity ‘Freedom from Torture’. It has groen so now there are over 30 gardens to visit. Entry is by programme; each programme (@£5) admits one adult to all the open garden sites.Each year they have raised several thousands of pound for the charilty  ‘Freedom from Torture’

Net year is a fallow year, but Choirlton Open Gardens will be bavk in 2018


There are more than plants to look at in some gardensmerryn04
gazebos were useful in case there was rain!merryn03

People attending Merryn’s talk at Chorlton Good Neighboursmerryn

Merryn introducing her talk1b

Merryn with Jane Jefferson, between them they organise the Open Garden’s event


food is on offer at many of the gardensmerryn10 merryn08

Well prepared with map and bike to see as many of the gardens as possiblemerryn07

the view from a sedum roof of a shed merryn06

CGN garden settles in for autumn

November update on the Good Neighbours gardencgn-garden-nov-02

waiting for the baked potatoes to cook

The Good Neighbours garden is now getting much more sunshine now that the big willow tree has been pollarded. We have also started getting into have a small fire to cook baked potatoes, veggie sausages and the like at our Friday morning get togetherscollage-nov-2016 charlotte-at-cgn-03

Charlotte visisted the garden recently and is pictured here with one of the late flowering cosmos flowers that Tony had planted


……and here is Tony admiring his work cgn-garden-nov-01

Good Neighbours garden – October update

Good Neighbours garden – October update

For most of September and October the weather on the Friday mornings where we meet at the Good Neighbours Garden has been very good. By late September we had a profusion of tomatoes and beans, plus late salad crops we had only planted in early September



Here is the greenhouse, still producing tomatoes (mostly the Sungold variety) in late September


On Sep 30th the weather wasn’t so kind, yet it didn’t stop Marianne, whilst I took the photo from the safety of the greenhouse


Picking some of the profussion of green beans. We would pick a load one week and then the nbext week find just as many on only 3 plants in an arch over the raised bedscgn-garden-6-oct-02

Tony always brings a selection of jokes along – usually a week’s load of ‘jokes of the day’ he sources from the Oxfam shop where he workscgn-garden-6-oct-03

and here is Tony’s attentive audience.
(who said the CGN garden was just for older men!)cgn-garden-6-oct-04

Tony admires the pink flowers whihc he had planted earlier in the seasoncgn-garden-6-oct-05  A week later the weather was better againcgn-garden-sep-02 Gearldine and Tony getting ready for some work cgn-garden-sep-04

Big event of the week – the tree surgeons from the Tree Station a social enterprise based in Gorton arrived on Thurs 13th October to pollard the big willow that threatening to shded large branches on our neighbour’s garage. Though it now looks a bit bare, the willow will  soon send out branches from the 5 nodes lefttree-felling-01 lorry and big chipper arrives at Good Neighbours



Up in the tree securing branches so that when they are cut they won’t fall on the garagetree-felling-03

Having a well earned tea break after curring down the branchese safely. Now just the wood chipping and clearing up to dotree-felling-04 tree-felling-05

and here is the pollarded treetree-felling-06

CGN Garden update

Garden has been doing well recently, but not enough sunshine (for us and the plants). Still, we are beginning to enjoy some produce including rhubarb, peas, beans, courgettes, cauliflower, garlic and red currants. Rain eventually stopped play today (15th July) but beginning to think about our plans for the future, including some additional raised beds

Good Neighbours Garden Spring & Summer 2015

Some photos from the Good Neighbours garden in Spring and Summer 2015

Bill in spring

Bill in the garden in Springkitten 01

Paul’s kitten – one of the ones abandoned outside Morrisons

kitten 02Paul potting in spring

Some early season plantingspring 01

Enjoying some of Tony’s jokes. He brings in the weekly collection to entertain usspring 02 spring 03

Planting a hanging basketspring 04

more seed sowingspring 05

tidying up the raised bedsspring 06 Bill takes a break

summer 01

Early summer and the raised beds begin to fill upsummer 02 summer 03

the first ripe tomatoes in the Greenhouse – Ferlines and Sungoldsummer 04 summer 05

Bill talks to Joan as they look at the vegetables that have been produced that weeksummer 06

summer 07

Tony gives us a wave

The Good Neighbours Garden in September

On Friday 19th September members of the Good Neighbours gardening club were out in the garden enjoying yer another lovely day. What a great September it has been for weather. You can see below some of the produce we have been picking

cgn garden Sep 19 2014 (03)


Here Tony shows us the ripening tomatoes in the greenhouse. These are Ferline tomatoes. Even the ones outside have been doing well and are now ripening upcgn garden Sep 19 2014 (02)

A wider shot of the greenhouse shows how many of the tomaties are ripening. The smaller, orangey tomatoes are a variety called Sungold. They are one of the tasties tomatoes I have come acrosscgn garden Sep 19 2014 (01)

In this video Tony tells us some jokes. Each week he has a selection from each week’s jokes he has on a calendar (there is a joke for each day). As you can see, some are better than others!

Making Mosaics week 2

Making Mosaics week 2

This week (15-05-14) we finished off the mosaics which we are going to use as stepping stones in the Good Neighbours Garden

We cleaned off some of the adhesive that had dried on to the tiles and gouged out the gaps between the tiles so that the grout would work properly. Then spread the grout on to the tiles so it filled the gaps anf gave that a clean. They are now in the garden to dry off and then will be ready for use

mosaic 15 May 01


Mosaic in the sun to dry

mosaic 15 May 02applying the grout

mosaic 15 May 04enjoying the warmest day of the year so far in the good neighbours garden

mosaic 15 May 05

mosaic 15 May 06Tony and Paulette finishing off their mosaicsmosaic 15 May 07

Another completed mosaic

Making Mosaics

Making Mosaic stepping stones for the Good Neighbours Garden

Nicola Winters lead a craft session at Chorlton Good Neighbours to make some mosaics on paving stones, to be used in the Good Neighbours garden. Members of the gardening group and an art group that uses the church hall too. all participated in making mosaics to their own designs, assisted by Nicola.

Designing and making the Mosaics

We used adhesive to fix the bits of coloured tiles and beads to the paving stone base and left them in the greenhouse to dry. Next week we will grout them and soon they will be ready to use in the garden

mosaic 03Tony and Paulette working on their mosaicsmosaic 04
Tony’s mosaicsmosaic 05Bernard’s mosaicmosaic 07Nicola who led the sessionmosaic 08Nicola finishing the clean upmosaic 11jpgThe mosaics in the greenhouse.
We will wait for the adhesive to dry & next week we will do the groutingmosaic 13Nicola assisting Mary finish off her Mosaicmosaic 14
The Art group work on their mosaic’smosaic 15Tony concentrating on his workmosaic 16Nicolamosaic 18Bernard’s mosaic takes shape mosaic 19Paul kept everyone supplied with tea & coffeemosaic 20mosaic 21mosaic 22

Selection of broken tiles, supplied by Nicola,  for use in making the mosaic’smosaic 23Paul, Nicola and Mary mosaic 24Paul, Nicola and Mary with Leo in the backgroundmosaic 25

Garden Update 4th April 14

Garden Update 4th April 14

We welcomed Paul back to the gardening group at Chorlton Good Neighbours, after he had been out of action for several months. We filled some bags with earth and put in some of the chitted potatoes and continued with the weeding of the Church garden at the fron

In the video, Geraldine explains the day’s plan

CGN gardening gp 04-04-14 (02)

Tony brought some glass beads  and a tile which he had found at the Oxfam shop. They will be used as part of the mosaic making project with a parent from Oswald Road Primary school who has been involved in similar project with the school

CGN gardening gp 04-04-14 (03)

Spring is on its way in the CGN garden


Spring is on its way in the CGN garden

We spent the usual Friday  morning, working (with plenty of stops for tea & coffee) in the Good Neighbours garden. Weather was the best of the year so far and we got plenty done. Lots of new seeds put into seed trays to germinate in the greenhouse. We included some exotic flowers & vegetables like quinoa and rats tales ‘chilli’ radishes

cgn garden 28-03-14 (1) Here is Bill in the greenhouse cgn garden 28-03-14 (2)

Some of the seed trays in the greenhousecgn garden 28-03-14 (3)

Geraldine and Bill potting up some seedscgn garden 28-03-14 (4)

Paulette weeding the Church’s front garden. Where we have weeded we scattered some wild flower seeds to brighten up the areacgn garden 28-03-14 (5)

Tony surveying his work cgn garden 28-03-14 (6)

cgn garden 28-03-14 (7)The tomato plants that Bernard has re-potted for later planting in the CGN greenhouse/The two varieties are Sungold and Ferline. Sungold are some of the tastiest tomatoes around and Ferline are supposed to show some resistance to blight,  fusarium and verticillium wilt

Planting some onions in the CGN Garden plot

Planting Onions on the Good Neighbours plot

Spring is happening but on this Friday in March (14-03-14) the weather was a bit chilly, especially as the previous Wednesday had been very warm.

We used our time productively to put a new hard tyre wheel on the wheelbarrow (why they usually have pneumatic tyres, that always puncture or deflate, I don’t know). We also moved some of the unrotted compost & leaves from the side of the greenhouse and put it in bags to slowly rot down

We were able to use our refurbished wheelbarrow to take them all to the back of the Church Hall where we intend to plant some fruit bushes when we get round to it

We also planted some onions sets – white Stuttgarter Giant and red Karmen which we planted in one of the raised beds. Some of our onions have over-wintered well in the other raised bed so hopefully we will get a succession of onions to pick later in the summercgn garden 14-03-14 (1)

cgn garden 14-03-14 (2)Tony bagging up some of the semi-rotted compostcgn garden 14-03-14 (3)

Geraldine & Tony having a chat about what to do nextcgn garden 14-03-14 (4)Planting the onion sets

Spring is on its way

Spring is on its way in the Good Neighbours garden…….

cgn garden 28-02-14 (01)

Here are some of the group enjoying the spring like sunshine on the last day of February – Paulette, Bernard, Geraldine and Tonycgn garden 28-02-14 (02)

We had ordered the three replacement panes of strengthened glass and John came to put those in. That, together with the 6 panes that we had put back the previous week meant that the greenhouse was now back to  its complete self. Let’s just hope we don’t get gales like the ones we had in January again sooncgn garden 28-02-14 (06)

cgn garden 28-02-14 (08)

We always make time to have a cup of tea and a biscuitcgn garden 28-02-14 (07)

Peter who had been one of the first volunteers in the garden has recently moved to Preston, but on his visit to Manchester he came down to see how the garden was going and was very impressed

cgn garden 28-02-14 (05)

At the side of the garden, behind the church is a narrow passagewaycgn garden 28-02-14 (04)

At the far end it widens out and we thought that maybe we could plant some fruit bushes that can take it being a bit shady (though as you can see it does get some sun)cgn garden 28-02-14 (03)Here is Tony spraying the weeds to clear the ground before we try to find out how best to enrich the soil and plant some bushes