Finishing of the Garden shelter

Today was a good day to finish of the garden shelter at Good Neighbours. So here is the final shelter, which should enable us to use the garden through out the year (well, most of it). It was just Michael and me today, and here are pictures of the finished shelter and Michael standing in front of his creation. Many thanks also to Michael’s friend Ian who helped so much on Friday too


Building the Garden Shelter

Building the Garden Shelter

Michael and Ian, with the assistance of Paul & myself (Bernard) constructed a shelter for the Good Neighbours garden yesterday (18-08-17). The weather didn’t make it easy, but by dodging the showers we nearly got it done. Finally it got just too wet to finish, but we will be back on Sunday to complete the job. Then we will be able to be out in the garden in all weathers!

Before we got started on the shelter, I thought it would be a good idea to give the table a coat of timbercare paint

About to get started. We were interrupted several times by rain

Marking out the size of the shelter

Paul lending support

Michael (who is the Good Neighbours treasurer) in action


Michael worked out a nifty way of making sure the shelter was fixed by drilling a amll hole and putting a screw in the base of each post which fitted the hole

Here comes the rain….


This is how we left it at the end of day one

CGN garden settles in for autumn

November update on the Good Neighbours gardencgn-garden-nov-02

waiting for the baked potatoes to cook

The Good Neighbours garden is now getting much more sunshine now that the big willow tree has been pollarded. We have also started getting into have a small fire to cook baked potatoes, veggie sausages and the like at our Friday morning get togetherscollage-nov-2016 charlotte-at-cgn-03

Charlotte visisted the garden recently and is pictured here with one of the late flowering cosmos flowers that Tony had planted


……and here is Tony admiring his work cgn-garden-nov-01

Good Neighbours garden – October update

Good Neighbours garden – October update

For most of September and October the weather on the Friday mornings where we meet at the Good Neighbours Garden has been very good. By late September we had a profusion of tomatoes and beans, plus late salad crops we had only planted in early September



Here is the greenhouse, still producing tomatoes (mostly the Sungold variety) in late September


On Sep 30th the weather wasn’t so kind, yet it didn’t stop Marianne, whilst I took the photo from the safety of the greenhouse


Picking some of the profussion of green beans. We would pick a load one week and then the nbext week find just as many on only 3 plants in an arch over the raised bedscgn-garden-6-oct-02

Tony always brings a selection of jokes along – usually a week’s load of ‘jokes of the day’ he sources from the Oxfam shop where he workscgn-garden-6-oct-03

and here is Tony’s attentive audience.
(who said the CGN garden was just for older men!)cgn-garden-6-oct-04

Tony admires the pink flowers whihc he had planted earlier in the seasoncgn-garden-6-oct-05  A week later the weather was better againcgn-garden-sep-02 Gearldine and Tony getting ready for some work cgn-garden-sep-04

Big event of the week – the tree surgeons from the Tree Station a social enterprise based in Gorton arrived on Thurs 13th October to pollard the big willow that threatening to shded large branches on our neighbour’s garage. Though it now looks a bit bare, the willow will  soon send out branches from the 5 nodes lefttree-felling-01 lorry and big chipper arrives at Good Neighbours



Up in the tree securing branches so that when they are cut they won’t fall on the garagetree-felling-03

Having a well earned tea break after curring down the branchese safely. Now just the wood chipping and clearing up to dotree-felling-04 tree-felling-05

and here is the pollarded treetree-felling-06

Good Neighbours Garden update

Lots of borlotti beans to pick today (22-07-16) and runner beans too. They need very little maintenance and have grown really well this year in the raised bedscgn garden 22 July (1)

Here is Geraldine with some of the beans she has been pickingcgn garden 22 July (2)

Our little friend – a young robin (without the redbreast which they acquire later) perched on the raised bedcgn garden 22 July (3) cgn garden 22 July (4) cgn garden 22 July (5)

Our Cavolo nero or black kale always seems to do well. Tastes good and looks good too

cgn garden 22 July (6)

Some of this weeks haul – shallots, garlic, beans & courgettes

cgn garden 22 July (7) cgn garden 22 July (8)

CGN Garden update

Garden has been doing well recently, but not enough sunshine (for us and the plants). Still, we are beginning to enjoy some produce including rhubarb, peas, beans, courgettes, cauliflower, garlic and red currants. Rain eventually stopped play today (15th July) but beginning to think about our plans for the future, including some additional raised beds

Chorlton Open Garden day

Chorlton Open Garden day Sunday 26th June 2016

We had about 150 visitors to the Good Neighbours community garden on Chorlton Oen Gardens. Very enjoyable it was too

open garden June 26 (6)

Here is Geraldine talking to visitors about what we are growing in the raised beads

open garden June 26 (7)

open garden June 26 (8)

Philip and friend enjoying a nice cup of tea

open garden June 26 (9) open garden June 26 (10) open garden June 26 (11) open garden June 26 (14)

Bernard taking home the cauliflowers which we harvested at the end of the open day as they were in their prime and would bolt if we left then there any longer

caulifower cheese

I Promised to take them home and cook a cauliflower cheese, so here it is. I freeze some then  bring  into next Friday’s garden club tp warm up and for all to have a tasteopen garden June 26 (1) open garden June 26 (2) open garden June 26 (3) open garden June 26 (4)

Last session of the year at Good Neighbours Garden

Last session of the year at Good Neighbours Garden 

cgn garden dec 11 2015 (3) cgn garden dec 11 2015 (1) cgn garden dec 11 2015 (2)

The Chorlton Good Neighbours garden group has met outdoors, come rain or shine, in our garden throughout the year.

Today (Dec 11th 2015) we met for the last time before our Christmas Break. As usual, told us his 7 ‘joke of the days’ he has saved up, plus a bonus 7 to take it to the end of the year. We then sat around the fire and had soup, baked potatoes and cake on a beautiful morning. We didn’t get much work done!

bonfire cgn

We meet again in the new year starting on Friday 22nd January from 10.30am onwards

Good Neighbours Garden Spring & Summer 2015

Some photos from the Good Neighbours garden in Spring and Summer 2015

Bill in spring

Bill in the garden in Springkitten 01

Paul’s kitten – one of the ones abandoned outside Morrisons

kitten 02Paul potting in spring

Some early season plantingspring 01

Enjoying some of Tony’s jokes. He brings in the weekly collection to entertain usspring 02 spring 03

Planting a hanging basketspring 04

more seed sowingspring 05

tidying up the raised bedsspring 06 Bill takes a break

summer 01

Early summer and the raised beds begin to fill upsummer 02 summer 03

the first ripe tomatoes in the Greenhouse – Ferlines and Sungoldsummer 04 summer 05

Bill talks to Joan as they look at the vegetables that have been produced that weeksummer 06

summer 07

Tony gives us a wave

Making mosaics for the Good Neighbours Garden

In January 2015 we had two mosaic making workshops led by Nicola Winter. This time we branched out into making spherical mosaics on concrete mould made by Nicola. They were on the end of metal rods so that we could ‘plant’ the finished Alium style mosaics in the Chorlton Good Neighbours garden

IMG_20150123_122230Joyce and Dorothy hard at workIMG_20150130_123458

Some of the mosaic ‘aliums’. Put in the greenhouse to dry off before the final grouting session


The Good Neighbours Garden in September

On Friday 19th September members of the Good Neighbours gardening club were out in the garden enjoying yer another lovely day. What a great September it has been for weather. You can see below some of the produce we have been picking

cgn garden Sep 19 2014 (03)


Here Tony shows us the ripening tomatoes in the greenhouse. These are Ferline tomatoes. Even the ones outside have been doing well and are now ripening upcgn garden Sep 19 2014 (02)

A wider shot of the greenhouse shows how many of the tomaties are ripening. The smaller, orangey tomatoes are a variety called Sungold. They are one of the tasties tomatoes I have come acrosscgn garden Sep 19 2014 (01)

In this video Tony tells us some jokes. Each week he has a selection from each week’s jokes he has on a calendar (there is a joke for each day). As you can see, some are better than others!

Good Neighbours Open Day

Good Neighbours Open Day, May 31st 2014

Wilbraham St Ninian’s Church and Chorlton Good Neighbours held an open day on May 31st. . The Good Neighbours Garden was open and looking good.cgn garden 30 May

Paul was looking very fine in his outfit for the dancing that was taking place in the Church Hall later

cgn open day (01)

Meanwhile Tony was reading the Memories booklet as we waited for visitors

cgn open day (02)


In the Cburch Hall, Good Neighbours had a stall which Kate, Pam and others looked after

cgn open day (05)

Margaret Banks who runs the Art Class on Thursday coffee mornings is here showing examples of the paintings that the art group have completed recently

cgn open day (03) cgn open day (04)

The Folk dancing demonstration proved very popular and included many Good Neighbours regulars such as Phillip Lloyd, Paul Slater and Mary O’Mahoney who you can see having a good time in the pictures below

?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ??????????????????????


Also this week Ian Hobbs, one of our long-standing volunteers was 60 on June 2nd. As you can see from his photo he keeps on rocking!Ian Hobbs 60!