In Memory of…

This “In Memory of” page  is to thank volunteers who in the past have made a significant contribution to Good Neighbours but who are no longer active with us – either through moving on, moving away, ill health or death. Here is a list of some of the people who have been important in the development of Good Neighbours. We will add more information about them as we hear from people who knew them:

Anne Cooper
George Newman
Margaret Salisbury
Douglas Cree
George Hamilton
Jack Benson
Ida Hobbs
Odette Heslin
Canon Roland Seaman
Theresa Lea
Arthur Brown
Angela Green
Gerald Slack
Philomena Kelly
Doreen Moran
Janice Weatherby
Sister Dolores Condon
Ken Livesey
Alf Thompson
Past Coordinators: Edith Lundy , Jean Hardman, Muriel Krell
Dolores Goulbourne (ex worker)
Rev David Bonser
Sheila Bourne
Joan Clark
Rev David Jenkins
Father Peter Knowles
David Pendrigh
Joyce Austin
Roy Calder
Ernest Andrews.
Joyce Cowan