Support Services

Chorlton Good Neighbours provides a range of services to local older adults. These include visiting, shopping support, odd jobs, dog walking,wheelchair pushing, small practical jobs and transport to appointments.

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The core work of the Care Group, alongside some of the bigger regular activities, is the support given to those in their own homes. We aim to offer friendship and practical help to those older people who live in Chorlton and Whalley Range, either in rented, sheltered flats or their own homes and who can benefit from our support

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Over the past year 90 people have received regular visits at some point from volunteers or one of the two paid community workers.

Visiting and  befriending is still one of the hardest of all volunteering tasks as it is about offering kindness and interest, but within a framework with some boundaries. When bringing two people together in this way, we consider parameters such as proximity to each other, shared interests and backgrounds. Volunteers and service users nearly always  hit it off, and we have many instances of volunteers sustaining their visits to the same clients over many years

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Transport for older people to hospitals /opticians/health centres and GP’s is carried out by our pool of about 30 drivers, who are paid 40p per mile to cover their expenses. The Group has three Blue Badges which volunteers can use with a disabled older person, and the key element is that someone is escorting them to the appointment, reducing their anxiety and making the long wait more bearable.



Odd jobs include volunteers paying bills, making telephone calls on clients’ behalf, sweeping up leaves, helping with computers, filling in forms, sewing buttons back on jumpers, finding telephone numbers of tradesmen and a host of others….