The 5 Ways of Wellbeing – what are they?

Manchester City Council Directorate for Adults, Health & Wellbeing now requires all applicants for wellbeing funding for Adult Services to relate to the “5 Ways of Wellbeing” which relate to mental health. As the funding from the Council is important to keeping Good Neighbours going, we decided to ask some of our users and volunteers what they understood by the 5 terms which are supposed to become as familiar to us for mental wellbeing at the “5 fruit & veg per day” is for physical wellbeing

The five ways are summarised as:

  • Connect – With people around you, family, friends the community.
  • Be Active – By doing some form of physical exercise that you enjoy  and suits your level of mobility.  Exercising makes us feel good.
  • Take Notice – Of the things around you and be aware of your feelings.  By beginning to take notice and savouring in the things we can often take for granted, pleasure can be found in the smallest of things.
  • Keep Learning – Settings ourselves challenges that can give us a sense of achievement is important to wellbeing.
  • Give – By helping a friend, a neighbour, being kind to a stranger or joining a community group it can give us a sense of purpose and be incredibly rewarding.
This video gives some of the views of our members attending a coffee morning on March 8th 2012
Comments written up from this  “5 ways of wellbeing” session
Meeting people
Helping eg shopping
Go to groups
Looking after someone
Connect with Services, puts you in touch
Memories & talking about them
Know help is available
Connect with like- minded and new people
Connect with organisations
Local news & activities
You are not  on your own
We are all in the same boat together
Be Aware
Walk as much as possible
Of the ageing process
Watch out for dodgy stuff
Someone in need  or who is struggling
Of services
Danger: muggers, strangers, door to door salesmen
Of the weather
Up and about
Take Notice
Listen and learn from people
Keep an eye on people
Notice everything, what is going on
Meeting people
Notice when to put the bins out (and which ones)
Go for long walks
Take care
Know help is available
Keep Learning
Never too old
Join a class or course
Listen to music & the radio
Listen to people
Art classes & go to galleries
Keep up with the news (be a part of the world you are in)
Education classes (if you can get to them)
Keeps  the brain active
What is going on through newspapers
Exchange ideas
Notice own and others wellbeing
Something new & new experiences
Give to charity, donations
Give time
Think of their needs
Other people come first, those worse off than we are
Lots stuck in their house
Give small gifts
Give (continued)
Smiling at people
Give blood
Help others (eg by shopping for them)
You should not just take, but give
Support people with problems
Friendship & social support
Sharing problems