Men’s Activities

Good Neighbours is running a two year project, funded by Lloyds-TSB, to develop services and activities specifically aimed at older men.  Wayne Marr provides support for older men through visiting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He also gives lifts and organises the Tuesday afternoon  social sessions at the SW Manchester Cricket Club where snooker, bowls, darts and dominoes are played as well as having a drink and a chat.

See a recent video pf a snooker afternoon here:


An afternoon at the snooker club

Every Friday morning, regardless of the weather the CGN gardening group meets. The group is co-ordinated by CGN worker, Geraldine Wall.  We have developed the outside area at the back of the CGN offices into a vegetable and flower garden. We have had a patio area laid (courtesy of Bramhall Construction Ltd)  and three raised beds have already been productive. Over the hard winter of 2013 we erected a greenhouse which was very productive in its first year of use. Early in 2014 we are busy germinating seeds. We have started some sungold and ferline tomoatoes and when the weather gets warmer we will put the seedlings in the greenhouse

Autumn Leaves and Archeological Digs

dec garden 05

Our Gardening Sessions are held 10am-12.30pm every Friday. If you would like to find out more contact us on 0161-881-2925 or come along to the plot at the back of Wilbraham St Ninian’s Church, Egerton Road South and have a look for yourself.