Chorlton Good Neighbours  (CGN) is a neighbourhood care group  and charity that has been working in the Chorlton and Whalley Range areas of Manchester for more than 50 years.  We offer:

  • A wide range of  services to older people in our community. We provide this through our 4 part time workers, led by the CGN coordinator, Helen Hibberd, and our 60 or more volunteers
  •  social, practical and emotional support to older people.  We do this by recruiting, training and supporting volunteers who help us run a range of services and activities.

A Thursday  coffee morning in full flow

How is Chorlton Good Neighbours funded?

CGN is funded through a variety of sources, including Manchester City Council, grant making bodies and individual donations and legacies, as well as our own fund raising efforts.

What services and activities does CGN offer?
Not all of the services listed are fully in operation because of COVID-19 restrictions (eg Sunday teas). Others have been taking place over Zoom (eg the History group). We are moving back to more face-to-face interactions as we feel safe to do so

What Chorlton Good Neighbours provides

Coffee mornings
Sunday teas
Exercise classes
Lifts to and from appointments
Home visits
Help with odd jobs around the house
Referral to other agencies
Melodics singing group
Positive Living Group
Provide general advice and useful local knowledge
Social events and celebrations
Information events & newsletters
Monthly History Group presentations
Day trips
Gardening Club
Men’s snooker & social afternoon (Tuesdays)
days out, interview training, coffee morning, positive living sessions, drama group, meet up for coffee…and lots more

Who are our users?

  • Local older people – mainly from Chorlton, Chorlton Park and the Whalley Range area.
  • Some users often have little or no local family support and benefit from being able to engage in activities they enjoy and be able to remain independent
  • Whilst the majority of our users are women, more older men are getting involved as we broaden the range of activities
  • We are not able to support older people with complex needs (ring for more details)

What do our volunteers do?

  • Give lifts in their own cars to users. This includes helping with access to both onsite activities – such as a lift to a CGN coffee morning or exercise class- and lifts to off-site activities such as appointments for doctor’s surgeries, hospital or clinics.
  • Support social events such as coffee mornings, fundraising events, Sunday teas and day trips out to places of interest such as the seaside and country hotels.
  • Make home visits to individual older people who are housebound or struggle to get out and about.
  • Carry out odd jobs. Assisting our older members with practical tasks such as form filling, dog walking and collecting prescriptions.
  • Wheelchair pushing. Taking housebound users out in their wheelchairs on walks to local parks, banks and shops, providing invaluable companionship, helping them maintain independence and get some fresh air.
  • Support the running and promotion of the group. this can include being trustees, manning stalls at community and school fairs, running concerts and other fundraising events, promoting us through social media and giving talks to community groups and other organisations
  • Help with one-off projects such as surveys, bid writing, and project evaluation

Helen with Volunteers at a training session

Who works for Chorlton Good Neighbours?
  • Helen Hibberd is our full-time coordinator who oversees the daily running of the organisation.
  • Diane Dixon is our part-time visiting support worker whose remit is to offer a regular weekly visit to older people with specific needs
  • Philip Barrett and Geraldine Wall are our part-time ‘older mens project’ workers.  Phil visits older men in their own homes and finding new local activities and interests for them Geraldine is a freelance worker coordinating the gardening project. She also helps out in the office
  • Moira Bowater, has been our community support worker for over 5 years. This is what she says about her part-time post: “I have met a number of people with various needs and have enjoyed getting to know the people I visit. Some of the people I visit I take out shopping in a wheelchair others I visit for a chat or we go for a walk or go to a cafe for a chat and cup of tea or coffee”
Aims of our Community Care Group
  1. To work together to improve the wellbeing of older people in our local neighbourhood by developing a wide range of social and practical activities and services
  2. To bring together our members -both users and volunteers- in a relationship of mutual respect and support to improve individual’s lives and the wider community
  3. To make our community a kinder and better place to live by bringing people together, spending time with each other and working together
  4. To continually improve what we do and how we do it by learning from each other and sharing ideas with other community groups
  5. To look for ways to access the financial and human resources to ensure the consistency and continuity of the services and activities we provide
  6. To enable excluded and disadvantaged older people to fully participate in social and community activities
  1. To focus on improving social welfare and engagement for the benefit of the local community by supporting older people in every way we can
  2. To engage in cooperative actions and deliver services rooted in the local community and neighbourhood
  3. To mutually assist each other in overcoming isolation and maintaining our physical and mental health