Compost Bays and History

It was another fine and crisp morning on week 4 of our gardening club and time to start thinking about the structures we wanted on our plot. We marked out space for our prospective greenhouse (good thing too as we realised that we’d been a bit over ambitious and the one we were about to order was just going to be a little bit too big!) and our compost bays (again the space was too small because of a pesky drain cover that we’d unearthed when we first dug over the plot). All this proves that however much you plan and map and discuss in the cosy indoors, eventually you just have to get out on the land and see how things are going to work in reality (preferably before you start ordering things!!). I am sure this is just one of many lessons that we will learn whilst creating our garden.

Now one of the things that I would like to point out is that we don’t just get up to gardening and DIY in our gardening club, oh no.. we are a cultured lot. Last week Tony had noticed a plaque in honour of a war hero in the hall next to our garden and whereas many of us have walked past that plaque many times and not given it a thought, Tony decided to do some research and find out about this man’s life. See what he managed to find out in the video below:


With lots of sawing and nailing (rather incompetently in my case), we managed to almost finish creating our compost bay and found the perfect location – a shady space under a tree where we would struggle to grow anything. Once we have the finished the bay and dug it in properly the plan is that users of the kitchen at St Ninian’s church will put their food waste in there and we’ll be able to create our own compost. Any interested worms please book your viewing now – luxiplex accomodation available!

Our Gardening Sessions are 10-12.30 every Friday. If you would like to find out more contact us on 0161-881-2925 or come along to our office at St Ninian’s Church, Egerton Road South and have a look for yourself. 

Carolyn O’Hanlon

Older Men Development Worker