An afternoon at the snooker club

Last Tuesday I was sent out to experience Chorlton Good Neighbours Snooker afternoon. I was feeling a bit nervous as as I’ve never played Snooker before and was going to need a crash course.

I needn’t have worried though because the atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone was very friendly. The afternoon started off with a couple of drinks and a chat in the bar and then we moved through to the games room. We set up two games of four and away we went.

I’ve played a few rounds of pool at University but snooker feels a bit more of a gentleman’s game – it certainly has some more complicated rules and a much larger table. I liked the old school brass and wood counter that kept track of the points although I’m not sure I always understood the point system. I managed to pot a few balls and after a very shaky start myself and my partner managed to gain on our opponents. In the end we lost but it was a close run thing. I’ve certainly been encouraged to have another go at snooker. However, it was probably for the benefit of everyone that the darts didn’t come out at this particular session as I’ve never played that either and it could have got messy. Quit while your ahead O’Hanlon!

All in all, I had a very pleasant and relaxing couple of hours in good company and I learnt to play a new game. Can’t say fairer than that.

The snooker group is lead by Wayne Marr. Wayne is very warm and makes sure that everyone feels welcome and knows what they are doing so he’ll look after you if you come down for the first time. There are a real range of abilities at the snooker group so whether you are a snooker whizz or a beginner like me you’ll have a good afternoon. It is also fine to just pop down and have a chat – you won’t be pressurised to play. So go on, why not give it a try? Snooker afternoons are from 1 – 3 pm every Tuesday. Contact Helen at 0161 881 2925 or for more details.

Carolyn O’Hanlon
Older Men Development Worker