Gardening Club on Ice

At a time when most animals are hibernating and most plants lying dormant we have had an unusually productive time at the Gardening Club.

In our first week back after Christmas we received a large consignment of manure – a very rich if odorous present! This is a good time to feed the soil for the growing season to come and this mix of chicken and horse manure will help do the job. As usual we had to use our combined strength and smarts to get the massive bag of manure through the narrow gate way!

The next week, snow and ice fell on the garden like a white sparkling cloak and outdoor work was put on ice.

gardenfeb05 gardenfeb06 gardenfeb09gardenfeb07 gardenfeb08

However these quiet times are perfect for taking time to reflect and plan so we had a meeting to discuss what we would like to grow on the plot this year and fuelled ourselves with plenty of tea and cake. A fan of colours and visuals I brought a large piece of paper to roughly draw out our plot and write down our ideas,

concerns and favoured fruit, flowers and veggies. As ever I was impressed by the wealth of knowledge and the enthusiasm that we have in this group of ours.




The next week the ground was still rock solid and the temperatures bitter cold so we got on with some indoor preparations; chitting potatoes,


making plant labels out of old milk cartons and making seed pots from newspaper (see video below for Paul’s tutorial). Again we discussed our plans for the garden, especially what type of greenhouse we want to install and where.


Our Gardening Sessions are 10-12.30 every Friday. If you would like to find out more contact us on 0161-881-2925 or come along to one of our sessions at St Ninian’s Church, Egerton Road South and have a look for yourself. 

Carolyn O’Hanlon,   Older Men Development Worker