The origins of the NHS in Manchester

Chorlton History Group, 4th July 2013

This is part of the talk given by Martin Rathfelder, Director of the Socialist Health Association about the NHS

The July session marked a departure for the History Group in that this was a session session which as well as looking at historical issues also linked them to important contemporary issues

Martin gave a run through of the setting up of the NHS, the changes in its structure since then and the role of the private sector and the debate over privatisation.

ppt 02Pre NHS system of Health Insurance

Before Martin’s talk, Bernard Leach gave the historical background to two local hospitals,  Park Hospital, Urmston (now Trafford General), where he was born and Manchester Royal Infirmary where he spent some time as a child after contracting polio

bernard mri

Bernard in MRI in 1954

5 July 1948: the then Health Minister Anuerin ‘Nye’ Bevan arrived to inaugurate the NHS by symbolically receiving the keys from Lancashire County County. Nurses formed a ‘guard of honour’

park 01

Nurses form an ‘guard of honour’ at Park Hospital for Nye Bevan 

nye bevan at park hospital

Sylvia Diggory, age 13,  meets Nye Bevan at Park Hospital,
5 July 1948

nhs 1948 leaflet

Part of the Leaflet about the new NHS sent to every household in 1948

old mri 1910MRI in Piccadilly Manchester, 1910

mri 02

King Edward VIII officially opened the new MRI building, on 6th July 1909

mri 1912