Garden Club surveys the storm damage

Storm Damage

The great storm of 13th Feb 2014 will certainly be remembered in Manchester. With winds of over 70 mph buildings were damaged and trees were blown down all over the place. When we came for the Good Neighbours gardening group meeting on Friday 4th Feb we found that the greenhouse has been damaged with 9 or 10 panes of glass blown out of the greenhouse

cgn garden 14-02-14 (03)Bill looking through one of the broken panes in the greenhouse after the storm. Fortunately because the glass was toughened it appeared that only one had been smashed. Even though the other panes had been blow out and were scattered around they appeared to undamaged

cgn garden 14-02-14 (01)

Contemplating the storm damagecgn garden 14-02-14 (02)Two top panes of glass are missing as you can see at the right of this photocgn garden 14-02-14 (05)

Tony looks for missing clips and pieces of rubber that might come in useful when we try and repair the damagecgn garden 14-02-14 (07)Tony shows all the intact panes of glass that were blown out by the wind, but managed to come through the storm unscathed

The day wasn’t all bad news though. We now have a new part-time gardening club coordinator, Geraldine Wall who joined us today.

cgn garden 14-02-14 (09)Here is Geraldine the new CGN Garden coordinator on the left with Bill and another new CGN suoort worker, Diane Dixon on the right. Diane came along to see the garden group in operation in her first week in post

cgn garden 14-02-14 (11)

Diane Dixoncgn garden 14-02-14 (10)Today Geraldine gave us her views on compost. We braved the elements to inspect the existing wooden compost bins before we scurried indoors to escape the rain