Coffee Morning and Snooker

Here are some photos of the snooker afternoon on 3-02-15 and from the coffee monring of 12-02-15. These are two of Chorlton Good Neighbour’s weekly activities on Tuesdays (snooker) and Thursdays (coffe morning). The photos whihc have been produced as a slideshow were taken by CGN volunteer Keith Walshsnooker 05-02-15 - 01 snooker 05-02-15 - 02 snooker 05-02-15 - 03

bill snookeralice  05-02-15

Alice who is a student at Loreto 6th Form College, interviews Tess and other CGN coffee morning regulars as to their views of the Community Health Clinic that is running as a pilot project at CGN until Easteralice02  05-02-15

alice03  05-02-15