Eyewitness Theatre – Safeguarding adults workshop

On 25th Feb 2015 a group of volunteers from Good Neighbours went, together with the coordinator Helen Hibberd, to a workshop run by the Eyewiness Theatre company at Trinity House Rusholme. The theme of the workshop was Safeguarding adults. The did sketches in which the issues of discrimination against older people, their abuse and who makes decisions for older people where raised.

Following each sketch there was a discussion of the issues that had been raised and how volunteers assisting older people should react to the various scenarios presented.

It was certainly an innovative and engaging way of addressing some serious issues but I think we were all relieved when the actors announced right at the beginning that there was going to be know audience participation required in the sketches, so we were all able to relax and enjoy the workshop

IMG_20150225_144123 Volunteers from CGN , with Helen at the workshop


The three members of Eyewitness theatre company who performed at the workshopIMG_20150225_154615 eyewitness (1) eyewitness (2) eyewitness (3)  eyewitness (5)