Good Neighbours and Men in Sheds

A Men’s Shed in Chorlton?

Chorlton Good Neighbours is involved with Southways Housing and a group of older men in trying to establish a ‘Men’s Shed’ in Chorlton

What is a Men’s Shed?
• provides hands-on, practical activities for  men aged 50+ (but women and younger people will be welcome too)
• a space (bigger than just a shed!) equipped with a range of workshop tools where we can meet learn and share skills, have a good time and make and repair things
• idea will be to choose what you want to do – your own work or community projects  such as making, mending and renovating wooden items
• it will evolve to reflect what we want. Tool renovation? Upholstery? Metalworking? Bike  repair? Gardening? Aim to include lots of reclamation, reuse and restoration
• The UK now has over 100 Men’s Sheds – its a movement!

The good news is that Southways Housing have agreed to let us have a shop unit on the Merseybank Parade in Chorlton Park’s Merseybank estate. We aim to get started on this properly in September

In the meantime, here are some photos of Devon (from Southways Housing) and myself (Bernard) clearing a load of brambles from the back yard of the shop unit today (18-07-16) and then having a coffee at the wonderful cafe next doormerseybank brambles (1) merseybank brambles (8) merseybank brambles (12) merseybank brambles (14) merseybank brambles (16)