Good Neighbours garden – October update

Good Neighbours garden – October update

For most of September and October the weather on the Friday mornings where we meet at the Good Neighbours Garden has been very good. By late September we had a profusion of tomatoes and beans, plus late salad crops we had only planted in early September



Here is the greenhouse, still producing tomatoes (mostly the Sungold variety) in late September


On Sep 30th the weather wasn’t so kind, yet it didn’t stop Marianne, whilst I took the photo from the safety of the greenhouse


Picking some of the profussion of green beans. We would pick a load one week and then the nbext week find just as many on only 3 plants in an arch over the raised bedscgn-garden-6-oct-02

Tony always brings a selection of jokes along – usually a week’s load of ‘jokes of the day’ he sources from the Oxfam shop where he workscgn-garden-6-oct-03

and here is Tony’s attentive audience.
(who said the CGN garden was just for older men!)cgn-garden-6-oct-04

Tony admires the pink flowers whihc he had planted earlier in the seasoncgn-garden-6-oct-05  A week later the weather was better againcgn-garden-sep-02 Gearldine and Tony getting ready for some work cgn-garden-sep-04

Big event of the week – the tree surgeons from the Tree Station a social enterprise based in Gorton arrived on Thurs 13th October to pollard the big willow that threatening to shded large branches on our neighbour’s garage. Though it now looks a bit bare, the willow will  soon send out branches from the 5 nodes lefttree-felling-01 lorry and big chipper arrives at Good Neighbours



Up in the tree securing branches so that when they are cut they won’t fall on the garagetree-felling-03

Having a well earned tea break after curring down the branchese safely. Now just the wood chipping and clearing up to dotree-felling-04 tree-felling-05

and here is the pollarded treetree-felling-06