Good Neighbours Christmas Meal 2016

Good Neighbours Christmas Meal 2016

The Chorlton Good Neighbours Christmas meal was held at the Hough End Centre on Dec 21st 2016. 93 people came to it. Everyone who needed a lift there got one. Members, helpers, volunteers, workers – all were there. Lots of food & drink, singing and dancing. Plus an entertainer, bingo, raffle and presents for all. A good time fo rall of us

Here is a video of some of the action and photos of the afternoon

kath-and-mickey terry-peter xmas-meal-01 xmas-meal-02 xmas-meal-03 xmas-meal-04 xmas-meal-05 xmas-meal-06 xmas-meal-07 xmas-meal-08 xmas-meal-09 xmas-meal-10 xmas-meal-11 xmas-meal-12 xmas-meal-13 xmas-meal-14 xmas-meal-15 xmas-meal-16 xmas-meal-17 xmas-meal-18 xmas-meal-19 xmas-meal-20