BBC1’s “Holding Back the Years” come to Good Neighbours

Balance testing at Chorlton Good Neighbours

At the Good Neighbours Coffee Morning on 7th Dec 2017. A BBC team led by Dr Rangan Chatterjee came to interview and film some members for the programme series “Holding Back the Years” which was aired on Friday 23rd of March on BBC1. Here is the clip from the programme

Members were asked to balance on one leg whilst keeping their eyes closed. How long they could do this before having to give up and put the other leg down was timed. This was then compared to averages for this test by age:

70 years = 4 secs
60 years = 7 secs
50 years = 9 secs
40 years = 16 secs

Balance is important because poor balance leads to an increased likelihood of falls, which tend to be more serious the older you get.

As you age your bones become less dense (osteoporosis) and your muscles weaker (sarcopenia).  A third of over 65’s will fall once a year (3.4m people). Nearly a quarter of all admissions to A&E are falls related for the over 65’s

Advice to try and improve balance and reduce the risk of falls was to exercise regularly, including some balance training and muscle strengthening

Judith talks to Dr Chatterjee about her
experience of a serious fallHelen with the clapper board

Ray meets Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Waiting for the balance test

Bernard, Enid and Judith talking to Dr Chatterjee