Chorlton Good Neighbours Stage Production supported by Royal Exchange Theatre

Chorlton Good Neighbours  Stage Production supported by Royal Exchange Theatre
Royal Exchange Theatre’s Andy Barry is bringing his Elders Company to Chorlton Good Neighbours (CGN) for a free public workshop on May 9th 2018 at 10am. Open to all aged 60+ in South Manchester. Places are limited so book early! The workshop gives retired Mancunian’s a unique opportunity of being involved in Theatre.
CGN started the first completely free Drama Workshops for over 60 year olds last April and now volunteer, actor and playwright, Nakib Narat is working with CGN’s older actors, Royal Exchange Theatre and Home towards an original comedy musical production comparing life today with the 1970s: Bagpuss, space hoppers, Curly Wurlies, heatwaves, power cuts and flares contrasted to Brexit, ageing and a changing Manchester! The play: “LoveChester – What are you doing Sunday Baby” is intended to be staged in central Manchester and at Residential Homes, Community Centres and local Festivals later this summer. All our actors are 70 plus and have never performed before! The Drama Project aims to support our older generation in widening access, diversifying the voices and stories told and increasing a sense of community and public understanding of ageing in our city.
Andy Barry is one of several Theatre Professionals who have been helping the CGN members to learn Acting and Stage Craft techniques. On May 9th he will be bringing exciting new ideas to the workshop from a recent British Council/Baring Foundation trip to study the extraordinary advances in Japan’s approach to Ageing and the Arts. (Further interesting initiatives also include CGN helping Manchester School of Art develop a ChatBot to address the growing problem of isolation and loneliness amongst the older community.)
The Programme has been put together by CGN Coordinator Helen Hibberd, Advisor Bernard Leach and Nakib Narat. For further details, pictures or to come to see the workshops in action please contact 07538599049.