History Talks Programme  Sep – Dec 2018

Monthly  History Talks at Good Neighbours

Programme  September – December 2018

Meetings held at Wilbraham St Ninians Church, Egerton Rd South, M21 0XJ. 1.30-2.45pm    £2 including refreshments

Thursday 6th September:  

George McLean – USDAW and Ellen Wilkinson; shops, solidarity and socialism

USDAW, based in Fallowfield, is one of Britain’s strongest Trade unions, representing over 430,000 workers in supermarkets, supply chains and manufacturing. Ellen Wilkinson “Red Ellen” was its first woman organiser, who as an MP led the Jarrow Hunger March. This talk explores the growth of the Union from its Manchester routes, Ellen’s role and the challenges and opportunities for USDAW now and in the future


Thursday 4th October:   Tom Grimshaw – “To your good health!”

A look at some of the turning points of the last 100 years that has meant we are sturdier, more robust and more long lived than our ancestors could have ever have envisaged. Better cures or better prevention? Its for you to decide after listening to this presentation



Thursday 1st            November: Diana Leitch – The history of Pyrex

Found in every kitchen cupboard this well know brand of cookware began as a brand introduced by Corning Inc. in 1908 for a line of clear, low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass used for laboratory glassware and kitchenware. It was later expanded to include clear and opal ware products, made of soda-lime glass.


 Thursday 6th December: Michael Thompson – War memories and audience discussion

The WarGen Project aims to record the memories of as many of the WW2 survivors as possible. Short excerpts from the film will be shown followed by time for audience feedback and discussion. Format for the talk will be: sections on Outbreak of war, Call up, Evacuation, Rationing, Americans and other visitors plus 15-minute feedback and discussion.

The final excerpts: VE Day, Coming home and Experience, Wisdom and Legacy will end with a further short discussion.


For more information please contact Helen Hibberd, Co ordinator on 0161 881-2925or email helen@chorltongoodneighbours.org