Drama Workshops at CGN – week one with Sam and Nakib

20 or so of us gathered for the first of the Autumn drama workshops at CGN. Except for 2 or 3 new people, most of the people there had been on the first course in Spring & Summer. It showed how effective those workshops had been in developing a sense of being a ‘company’ by those who participated

Samantha Edwards from Mighty Heart Theatre who led the first workshop, which I thought was brilliant

The first of the new series of ten Chorlton Good Neighbours Drama Workshops was held on 19th Sep 2018. Nakib, the workshop organiser and writer of our new play “Snowed In” was there (see below)

As the new play will be set in a pub which is cut off by the snow, Sam led us in creating a soundscape. This has been described as follows: 

“Using their voices (and body percussion if appropriate!), the group paints a soundscape of a particular theme or mood, for example the seaside, a city, a jungle. The leader can control the shape of the piece by raising her hand to increase the volume or bringing it to touch the floor for silence”  dramaresource.com

 We started off thinking of all the things that A Snowy Winter’s Night conjured up and writing them onto a big piece of paper (see below)

We then moved on to imagining all the pub noises and behaviours that make up a typical pub (see below). Sam then got each of us to imagine a noise that we could make (I did the sound of a pint being pulled…..shhhhhhhh,,,,,others shouted ‘last orders’ slurping drinks, or the sound of drunks. We started by making the noises very softly and then gradually increased the sound. By the end, it really did sound like a pub

A photo of the of CGN drama workshop cast of our first production “Lovechester 1970” (see film about the making of this play at HERE