Circus Skills at the Drama Group

Our first workshop of the Summer Drama Workshops at CGN was held on Wed June 5th 2019. Whilst future workshops will be based round improvisation and developing a drama production, this weeks opener was on Circus Skillsd. It was led by Poppy Avison-Fell, a performer and practitioner which led us to explore using  swinging Poi, Juggling Balls, Hula Hooping, diablo, Tossing Flower Sticks, Spinning Plates, and flow ring toroflux

Don’t know what a Poi or a Toroflux is? Me neither. Here are pictures of them

Swinging poi (home made from old socks stuffed with a cloth juggling ball filled with rice) & a toroflux spinner which is like an arm slinky

We all had a great time with varying degrees of success in trying out the various circus aids. Certainly gave us lots of ideas about what to try out with our grandchildren!

Always good to start with a warm up

                                                        Poppy demonstrating tossing flower sticks

Demonstrating the various uses of a hula hoop. Some of us found we remembered how to use one from our childhood and could still do it!

Clare trying out the hula hoop

Poppy demonstrating juggling with David trying out the diablo in the background

Poppy demonstrating the fans with veils

Spinning plates on sticks