November Newsletter

Chorlton Good Neighbours          November Newsletter

Wilbraham St Ninians Church
Egerton Rd South , M21 0XJ
Tel: 0161-881 2925

From :Helen Hibberd, CGN Co-ordinator

Dear Good Neighbour

How are you doing? I thought I would write again especially as we have now gone into a second lockdown which I realise means further restrictions for most of you. The office is still open to take phone calls if you need numbers of tradesmen, or referral to another agency  and our staff and volunteers are here to support you with occasional shopping if your family or carers are unavailable, or to carry out regular door step chat and checks if you would like that.

Do you need any small odd jobs doing? We have a new volunteer Rory who is keen to support people with small DIY tasks so please get in touch …changing light bulbs, small fixing and mending,

If you would like a regular or occasional phone call from a volunteer then again please let me know and I can set this up, especially as we approach the winter months and will be spending more time indoors.

                         What’s been happening here?

Small Coffee Group meet ups
These have been so valuable and worthwhile, but unfortunately have got to stop for the moment. When it is possible to resume them we will, as they have been such a good way for people to get to know a smaller group of people, and enjoy sitting outside in the fresh air having a nice coffee and cake.



International older People’s day: some of our members  took part in having a photo taken on 1st October, and this was to promote positive images of older people as being independent, valuable , and able to contribute to community life

Odes to Chorlton
6 small films of drama group members talking about Chorlton were shown during the Virtual Chorlton Arts Festival, early October and these were well received.

Exercise classes

Although we were able to resume with 3 Monday afternoon exercise sessions, they have had to be suspended at the start 2nd The good news though is that we have set up a zoom exercise session with instructor Karen each Thursday Morning 11-12. She does a combination of sitting and some standing balance work. Participants use hand weights (or tins of beans) and stretch bands (I can give you one) and we have a really good workout, going at our own pace. Please come and give it a go if you have a computer and could give zoom a try.

Zoom History talks

There continues to be a fantastic turn out for these talks with up to 45 people joining us for the October talk about the River Irwell and 60 for the November talk  about LS Lowry.
Again if you want help in getting on to Zoom I can ask a volunteer to talk you through it, and that way you can join us for our monthly history talks. The December talk is with Steve Millward looking at the music of Irving Berlin.

Monthly Positive Living Group

We have managed to run sessions here on site, albeit in smaller groups, and it has been great to welcome people back to something like a normal routine. Debra has been doing a fantastic job for us leading the groups as well as ‘zooming’ others who are still extremely clinically vulnerable.

Tuesday Group

As you know some of our work is with children under 5, and supporting their parents to feel less isolated. After many meetings and carrying out a thorough risk assessment, the Tuesday group is now temporarily running out of Chorlton Central Church each week and is brilliantly supported by 5-6 volunteers.

Arts and crafts

A few people have been sending in photos of arts and crafts they have been producing. Here is one of Yvonne’s brilliant pieces. Please feel free to email me any photo of anything you have worked on during this time

to anyone who has a birthday this month; here are a few to acknowledge – Renee S, Josie C, Gwenda W, Marian D, Nuri M, Connie W, Margaret E, Nada S, Irene C, and Marie Br.
Special congratulations to Jennie J for reaching her 99th birthday . Hopefully we will be celebrating your 100th next year in the hall at coffee morning Jennie!

Good Luck To Tracy R who has moved out to a
bigger flat and nearer her family.

Special mention to Dennis and Caroline
who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary
on 7th October

Congratulations also to two volunteers who have been blessed with baby girls: driver and former trustee, Sarah with baby Emily and volunteer befriender, Katrina with baby Eva.

Messages from Community Colleagues

Chorlton Councillor Eve Holt says:
The Chorlton Climate Action Partnership are looking for people who’d like to join their community forum and become a Chorlton Climate Friend.  This includes an intergenerational project called Our Streets Chorlton, which is looking to make it easier for people to get around our streets by foot, cycle or mobility aid. Please contact Councillor Eve Holt if you are interested and to receive more information.

‘Let’s Reimagine Our Chorlton’ – a group of local residents have started meeting fortnightly online as a way to stay connected and to share ideas for a better Chorlton.  Everyone with a connection to Chorlton is welcome.  More information available on the Chorlton Coops Cluster website –

Neighbourhood GP lead Dr Tim Greenaway says: I’d like to say thank you to all those who’ve had the flu vaccination this winter which is so important given that if you have flu and coronavirus at the same time you’re twice as likely to die from coronavirus than you otherwise would, and there is some evidence that having the flu jab reduces your risk of catching COVID.  That’s why it’s so great that 2.5 million more people in the country have had their flu jab this time this year compared to the same time last year.

All the GPs in our neighbourhood are very keen to help you have your flu jab. They have made sure their practices are very safe, and the chance of catching coronavirus negligible. If you want to book a flu jab or have difficulties attending please ring your practice, who will be pleased to help.

Sonia McCann of the Vine project:  you may recall Sonia who visited the coffee morning, the past couple of years, just before Christmas, to sell jewellery and fancy goods. She is asking for your support and writes:

“As part of our Vine Project supporting the children in South Africa, we also sell jewellery made by the grannies in the township. Often their only income and needed to help look after their orphaned grandchildren.

These pieces make wonderful Christmas presents. Could you please consider buying some and helping our project? Like everyone else the moment our families in South Africa are struggling.  I am happy to call round and bring things for you to look at – socially distanced at the front door – or post things. Please contact me on 07900 273774 and we can discuss the best arrangements.   Best wishes and keep safe. “

Our local health development Co ordinators and Buzz say:

The lack of sunshine in our lives has a huge impact psychologically and also surprisingly physically. A bit of advice that might be worth swallowing given the increased time we have to spend indoors and current absence of natural light is thinking about adding a ‘sunshine’ vitamin supplement to your routine.  Vitamin D is essential for our health and can be found in oily fish or added to some cereals, but most of us would benefit from a vitamin D, or Cod Liver oil supplement.  There are cheap supplies in supermarkets or chemists – recommended to have 10 micrograms daily.  Whilst not a cure for Covid, it can improve our general wellbeing, and resilience, which can help our bodies resist infection- so all good reasons to give it a go.

Finally some words of support from our positive Living coach Debra McCallion….

As the night’s close in, bring light into your home more too. I have taken out my Christmas fairy lights and named them my ‘winter lights’ and hung them around the house for a warming and comforting glow in the evening. I was reminded by a group member that whilst the clocks have shortened our days, we only really have a few weeks until we reach the shortest day of the year in December and we are back to the days growing longer, she clearly is good at her resilient thinking!

In the meantime another attendee of the Positive Living Group said she isn’t thinking of this particular period as Lock down no.2 but rather as her ‘Hibernation.’ I am happy with this definition as I believe wholeheartedly in the strategy that ‘If you can’t change something, change how you think about it’ Let your thoughts at this time ‘be your best friend, not your own worst enemy’

It is a time for recognising what we have control over and more than anything we can gain complete control over our thoughts and our minds. We can be vigilant day by day, moment by moment and ask; why am I thinking about this, what purpose will this serve, in going over this will it bring peace of mind? Asking these questions and getting the answer can then prompt us to consciously choose a different path of thought. Find better thoughts, be they just OK or different or healthier.

Also, make a list of everything you are grateful for, if re-directing your thoughts is proving a challenge. Always think small and work up….. I enjoyed my first cup of coffee, I loved noticing the birds feeding, The sky is a beautiful blue, then continue to; I have food in my cupboard, water in my tap, a roof over my head, warmth and security and just listing these types of things on a regular basis can help our thoughts stay on a healthier path.

So can I encourage you to:

  • Contact your GP for a flu jab
  • Go outside for walk each day if you can. I have volunteers who can accompany you if you like or maybe go to a local park; even better if there is an outside cafe where you can get a takeaway coffee.
  • Continue doing some of the exercises I have sent out over the past few months as they will keep your muscles strong and also help you feel better in yourself.
  • If you have any news / items /photos you want me to share in the Christmas newsletter please email them in to me.

Keep safe, keep warm and keep going ….and ring me if there is anything you think we can help you with. Kind regards

Helen Hibberd, Co ordinator