History talk ‘The Peppered Moth’ -Thurs 9th June at 1.30pm

Due to the Jubilee celebrations and Bank holidays our next History talk will be on Thursday 9th June at 1.30pm . 

We are fortunate again that our colleague Maria at the Manchester Museum has confirmed that the speaker will be one of the team at the Museum. Jennie Trueman’s talk will be about two moths linked with Manchester, so she will be connecting History and Natural History.

Here is a description of the talk:
The Peppered Moth –  Such a humble creature and one that blends into the background, yet its adaptive ability is a first in science that gives undeniable proof of Darwinian adaptation and an example of a once true turn around in our environmental sustainability.

The Peppered moth story pivots on the industrialisation of Manchester. It is the fastest example of a genetic adaptation known to science, from its pre-industrial appearance, to its camouflage against polluted smoke stained backgrounds, and then its return to speckled appearance post clean air act. This talk takes us through the history of its discovery, biology and its links to Manchester, but also its contemporary significance to genetics. Through modern research it has potential benefits to humanity.

While the Peppered Moth is a story of hope, The Manchester Moth is a more pertinent example of what is lost from our understanding as well as the creature itself when a species becomes

extinct.  This talk will tell its story set in the framework of successful sustainability and reintroduction stories as well  as moths’ importance within wildlife diversity.

Hope all is well with everyone ; enjoy the jubilee celebrations ..we have our big party up at Hough end Police club tomorrow

Kind regards