Jan 12th History talk on grade 1 listed buildings in Manchester

The Thursday 5th January zoom History talk will be put back until the week after .

On Thursday 12th January

 Bernard Leach will be talking about 4 of the main Grade 1 listed buildings in Manchester at 1.30pm .
Manchester has 15 Grade I listed buildings. In this talk I will take a look at four of those buildings. We all know of them, but not necessarily about their history and their importance to the City. I’ll start with Manchester Town Hall. I will look at its history but also the plans for its re-opening in 2024. Then I will look at the Holy Name RC Church on Oxford Road which has an interesting history linked to Irish immigration to the city in the 19th century. Finally, Time permitting, I will consider two of the city’s oldest buildings – Chetham’s School and Manchester Cathedral

A Zoom link will follow early in the new year