Face-to-Face History talks – May to July

Monthly History talks

Andrew Simpson & Peter Topping: explore the history of the old St Clements’ Church and its graveyard, near the Bowling Green pub,  along with the story of the campaign to restore the site with the help of a “Friends” group

Tuesday 6th June:

Tim Cockitt: Exploring Southern Cemetery;
the layout, visiting, and finding an individual grave. We will then focus on individuals. From the early years of policing these will include Joseph Nadin (Peterloo) & Jerome Caminada (Detective).  Regarding military heroes, we will talk about graves and memorials to Men from the Crimean War, the Zulu War, and through to WW2.  This will include Major Henry Kelly, who won the VC.


Tuesday 4th July: Joanna Williams talking about Lydia Becker,
the acknowledged though unofficial leader of the British women’s suffrage movement in the late 19th century.

Lydia Becker