Fundraising raffle

Although the charity gratefully acknowledges the support from the council through an Our Manchester VCS grant , this does mean that we have to continue fundraising throughout the year to make up any shortfall so that all our services and activities can continue. CGN runs regular raffles at Sunday teas and some Thursday coffee mornings,Continue reading Fundraising raffle

“Lovechester 1970s – What Are You Doing Sunday Baby” 

The Good Neighbours drama workshops ( 10 sessions funded through a NIF grant ) have culminated in a performance to be held at HOME (Manchester’s centre for contemporary theatre, film, art &music), We present “Lovechester 1970s – What Are You Doing Sunday Baby” a comedy based in the 1970’s , written by local volunteer and playwright NakibContinue reading “Lovechester 1970s – What Are You Doing Sunday Baby”