Woodchip, woodchip and more woodchip

Week 3 and our luck with the weather continues – the sun shines brightly on us despite the chill. It feels like someone up there is showing their approval of our efforts!
Our new volunteer Tony a-woodchipping
For this session we revisited the woodchipping of our waste wood with a more powerful machine and more volunteers. This time we absolutely whizzed through it all and pretty much cleared the massive pile of wood that had been making our plot look more than a little untidy. However a gardeners work is never done and we now have a big pile of woodchip that needs to be put somewhere.
Sherlock investigating the woodchip

The woodchip is destined for composting and this leads to our next project….building compost bays. You can buy some very plush looking compost bins these days (worms and slugs are moving up in the word – don’t you know!) but we believe in recycling so we are going to construct our own out of old floorboards.

Planning the compost bays
Paul sampling the mizuna
Our Gardening Sessions are from 10am every Friday. If you would like to find out more contact us on 0161-881-2925 or come along to our office at St Ninian’s Church, Egerton Road South and have a look for yourself. 
Carolyn O’Hanlon
Older Men Development Worker