Learning about Photography Session

Jennie Keegan came to Good Neighbours on Monday 29th October to give a session to users and volunteers on how to get the best out of their ‘point and shoot’ cameras. The session was extremely useful as Jennie explained what all the mysterious settings on the cameras were. She focussed on the most common and useful functions, and as each camera is different she went round to each individual to show them how their camera worked
      so that’s what the camera settings mean

As well as looking at the technical aspects of the camera we also looked at composition and getting the best out of the shots we took. So we all went round taking portrait photos of each other and pictures that illustrated the ‘rule of thirds’. We then downloaded these and discussed the results 
Jack Baker poses for a practice portrait shot

Jennie Keegan explaining how to get the best out of your camera

Anthony look on as Christine adjusts her camera

Everyone found this to be a really useful session and Jennie will be running a follow on session in the New Year where we will look at editing our photographs