Bob to get Arctic Convoy Medal

Bob to get Arctic Convoy Medal

Bob Cowan is 93 years old. and together with his wife Joyce he is an active member of Chorlton Good Neighbours. He is a veteran of the World War 2 Arctic convoys and we have been running a campaign to get Bob and the other few remainiing Arctic Convoy the medal they deserve

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced in PM Question Time in the House of Commons today (19-12-12) that veterans of the Arctic convoys in the Second World War now will be awarded medals..

The prime minister said: “I am very pleased that some of the brave men of the Arctic Convoys will get the recognition they so richly deserve for the very dangerous work they did”

On February 7th 2013 Good Neighbours will be having an event to celebrate the Arctic Convoy Star medal that Bob Cowan will be receiving and to celebrate his achievements and those other members of Good Neighbours who served in Wordl War 2

For further information about Bob and the campaign for the Arctic Medal see: