Alan Wood – WW2 Fighter pilot

Alan Wood: World War Two Fighter Pilot

Alan Wood, 90, is a regular at Chorlton Good Neighbours but not many are aware of what a remarkable WW2 record that Alan has. Alan was at Manchester University in 1939 and whilst there joined the University Air Squadron. He was called up in July 1942 and went into training for the RAF. During this period he flew Mosquitos and Spitfires but when he was assigned to the Coastal command  Banff Strike wing in Scotland he flew beaufighters and mosquitos


It was during this time that he was shot down in the North Sea and spent four days adrift in a one-man dinghy until being spotted quite by chance by and Air Sea rescue member whilst they were out looking for someone else

Alan Wood 1941                 alan wood004

Alan Wood – WW2 Fighter pilotBanff strike wing main role was to attack German shipping off Norway and in the Fjords. Alan didn’t talk at all about his war experiences to his wife Joan until 50 years later and with great sadness of the many young airmen who died. In one raid 23 planes went out and only 3 returned

This video starts with Joan Wood talking about her husband Alan and his experiences in WW2 when he was a young fighter pilot. There is then an excerpt from an RAF film about Banff Strike Wing where Alan was based

tanker attacked in nor fjord

Mosquito aircraft in at low level attacking two  armed merchantmen In Norwegian Fjord with cannon and rocket fire, 4th April 1945