Harvest time in the good neighbours garden

Harvest time in the Good Neighbours Garden

In the Friday gardening club (20-09-13) we picked some vegetables – courgettes, tomatoes and a small green fruit. the cucamelon we experimented with ( see James Wong webpage about cucamelons) – see below

We also went on a trip out to a local garden where a member of good neighbours said there were apples that needed to be collected. We did this (see photos below) and came back with a fair haul of apples whihc we hope to turn into apple crumbles and apple pies to pass round at the next coffee monring

cgn garden 20 Sep 06

cucamelons – not very big, but very tastycgn garden 20 Sep 01

Planting onions in the raised bedscgn garden 20 Sep 03 cgn garden 20 Sep 02

Tony now brings in some coffee grounds from a local café every week. We use it as a mulch and soil conditioner, but they don;t seem to deter the slugs as much as people make outcgn garden 20 Sep 05

Carolyn in the greenhouse.
Still lots of tomatoes growing and some cucumbers. Be interesting to see how many of the remaining tomatoes turn red or stay greencgn garden 20 Sep 08

Paul getting sunflower seeds
from our single giant sunflower which finally bit the dustcgn garden 20 Sep 09

Off to do some apple scrumping!cgn garden 20 Sep 10cgn garden 20 Sep 12

Some of the apples were quite high up!cgn garden 20 Sep 13 cgn garden 20 Sep 14Paulette talks to Joan about the garden we visited