CGN Greenhouse – repairs after the gale

Repairs after the gale

This Friday (19-02-14) we had John’s assistance in beginning to repair the greenhouse after the damage caused by the recent gale. Altogether 9 windows were blown out and 3 of them smashed. So the reinforced glass stood up pretty well and the pieces of glass weren’t dangerous shards but like the starred bits from a shattered windscreen

cgn 19-02-14 (0)

John putting in the butterfly clips to hold in an intact window pane being replaced in the greenhousecgn 19-02-14 (01)

Another pane of glass ready to go back incgn 19-02-14 (02)

Geraldine and Bill inspecting the newly planted seed trayscgn 19-02-14 (03)

One of the angled pieces of glass that survived being put back into placecgn 19-02-14 (04)

Bill carrying a watering can ready to water the seedlingscgn 19-02-14 (05)

Tony looking ascsheerful as evercgn 19-02-14 (06)

Newcomer Tom and CGN worker Diane inspecting the greenhousecgn 19-02-14 (07)Bill collecting some of the finished compost ready to put on the raised beds