Planting some onions in the CGN Garden plot (video)

Planting Onions on the Good Neighbours plot

Spring is happening but on this Friday in March (14-03-14) the weather was a bit chilly, especially as the previous Wednesday had been very warm.

We used our time productively to put a new hard tyre wheel on the wheelbarrow (why they usually have pneumatic tyres, that always puncture or deflate, I don’t know). We also moved some of the unrotted compost & leaves from the side of the greenhouse and put it in bags to slowly rot down

We were able to use our refurbished wheelbarrow to take them all to the back of the Church Hall where we intend to plant some fruit bushes when we get round to it

We also planted some onions sets – white Stuttgarter Giant and red Karmen which we planted in one of the raised beds. Some of our onions have over-wintered well in the other raised bed so hopefully we will get a succession of onions to pick later in the summercgn garden 14-03-14 (1)

cgn garden 14-03-14 (2)Tony bagging up some of the semi-rotted compostcgn garden 14-03-14 (3)

Geraldine & Tony having a chat about what to do nextcgn garden 14-03-14 (4)Planting the onion sets