The Lost Railways of South Manchester

The Lost Railways of South Manchester 

The March 6th 2014 Chorlton History Group session was on the ‘Lost Railways of South Manchester’, a talk given by Roy Chapman – a lifelong railway enthusiast.  Roy worked for British Rail for over 15 years. Roy has contributed to transport training material, is a co-author of three railway books. Roy is currently Rail Services Planning Officer at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

The talk was very popular with nearly 60 people attending. many of whom were  train enthusiasts or who had worked in the industry

In this video Roy talks about his enthusiasm for the railways and his career in the industry. There are also clips from the talk he gave at Chorlton Good Neighbours

mar14 history (01)

Here are some of the audience for Ray’s talk – nearly 60 people came for the talk. It does seem that railways are an extremely popular topic!mar14 history (02)

Roy preparing to give his talkmar14 history (03)

Bernard introducing Roy to the audience

mar14 history (06)mar14 history (04)

Mary on the desk taking note of who attended the meetingmar14 history (07) mar14 history (08) mar14 history (09) mar14 history (10) mar14 history (11) mar14 history (12)