Safe Handling and Dealing with Falls

Session on Safe Handling and Dealing with Falls

Bernie O’Dowd (Physiotherapist) and Alix Smith (Occupational Therapist) from the Local NHS Falls Team, based at the Alexandra Park Health Centre, gave an information session for Chorlton Good Neighbours volunteers and staff.

video of some of the training session on handling

The session looked at the safe handling and transfer of people who need assistance because of frailty or mobility issues. They dealt with dealing with falls, handling by the arms (“arms shouldn’t be used as handles”), assisting people to sit down or get out of a chair. As well as telling us what we should do to assist people, we were also told what we should not do, foir example, not trying to catch people when they fall

falls 03Alix and Bernie giving the talk

We also went outside to have demonstrations of how to assist people in and out of cars. Altogether a really helpful session which gave us all food for thought on how to improve our handling skills and awareness

falls 02Bernie demonstrating that linking arms is not  an approved way of providing support whilst walking

falls 05demonstrating how to assist a wheelchair user get into a car seatfalls 04Some of the volunteers listening to Berniefalls 01