Making Mosaics (video)

Making Mosaic stepping stones for the Good Neighbours Garden

Nicola Winters lead a craft session at Chorlton Good Neighbours to make some mosaics on paving stones, to be used in the Good Neighbours garden. Members of the gardening group and an art group that uses the church hall too. all participated in making mosaics to their own designs, assisted by Nicola.

Designing and making the Mosaics

We used adhesive to fix the bits of coloured tiles and beads to the paving stone base and left them in the greenhouse to dry. Next week we will grout them and soon they will be ready to use in the garden

mosaic 03Tony and Paulette working on their mosaicsmosaic 04
Tony’s mosaicsmosaic 05Bernard’s mosaicmosaic 07Nicola who led the sessionmosaic 08Nicola finishing the clean upmosaic 11jpgThe mosaics in the greenhouse.
We will wait for the adhesive to dry & next week we will do the groutingmosaic 13Nicola assisting Mary finish off her Mosaicmosaic 14
The Art group work on their mosaic’smosaic 15Tony concentrating on his workmosaic 16Nicolamosaic 18Bernard’s mosaic takes shape mosaic 19Paul kept everyone supplied with tea & coffeemosaic 20mosaic 21mosaic 22

Selection of broken tiles, supplied by Nicola,  for use in making the mosaic’smosaic 23Paul, Nicola and Mary mosaic 24Paul, Nicola and Mary with Leo in the backgroundmosaic 25