Making Mosaics week 2 (video)

Making Mosaics week 2

This week (15-05-14) we finished off the mosaics which we are going to use as stepping stones in the Good Neighbours Garden

We cleaned off some of the adhesive that had dried on to the tiles and gouged out the gaps between the tiles so that the grout would work properly. Then spread the grout on to the tiles so it filled the gaps anf gave that a clean. They are now in the garden to dry off and then will be ready for use

mosaic 15 May 01


Mosaic in the sun to dry

mosaic 15 May 02applying the grout

mosaic 15 May 04enjoying the warmest day of the year so far in the good neighbours garden

mosaic 15 May 05

mosaic 15 May 06Tony and Paulette finishing off their mosaicsmosaic 15 May 07

Another completed mosaic