The Good Neighbours Garden in September

On Friday 19th September members of the Good Neighbours gardening club were out in the garden enjoying yer another lovely day. What a great September it has been for weather. You can see below some of the produce we have been picking

cgn garden Sep 19 2014 (03)


Here Tony shows us the ripening tomatoes in the greenhouse. These are Ferline tomatoes. Even the ones outside have been doing well and are now ripening upcgn garden Sep 19 2014 (02)

A wider shot of the greenhouse shows how many of the tomaties are ripening. The smaller, orangey tomatoes are a variety called Sungold. They are one of the tasties tomatoes I have come acrosscgn garden Sep 19 2014 (01)

In this video Tony tells us some jokes. Each week he has a selection from each week’s jokes he has on a calendar (there is a joke for each day). As you can see, some are better than others!