Building the Garden Shelter

Building the Garden Shelter

Michael and Ian, with the assistance of Paul & myself (Bernard) constructed a shelter for the Good Neighbours garden yesterday (18-08-17). The weather didn’t make it easy, but by dodging the showers we nearly got it done. Finally it got just too wet to finish, but we will be back on Sunday to complete the job. Then we will be able to be out in the garden in all weathers!

Before we got started on the shelter, I thought it would be a good idea to give the table a coat of timbercare paint

About to get started. We were interrupted several times by rain

Marking out the size of the shelter

Paul lending support

Michael (who is the Good Neighbours treasurer) in action


Michael worked out a nifty way of making sure the shelter was fixed by drilling a amll hole and putting a screw in the base of each post which fitted the hole

Here comes the rain….


This is how we left it at the end of day one