Drama workshop – first week at Good Neighbours

Yesterday (04-04-18) was the first session of the drama workshop at Good Neighbours. Over 20 of us assembled with little idea of what to expect. The workshop was led by Emily Smith who has worked with the West Yorkshire Playhouse and the National Youth Theatre. It was the first of three sessions she is leading.

Emily Smith, Workshop leader

After introductions we did a variety of exercises, all of which were entertaining and which everyone involved was committed to engage with. I was amazed by the inventiveness of people (eg finding imaginative was of miming use of a plastic bottle as it passed from hand to hand – from a cricket bat to a hand grenade)

With the last exercise the room was filled with laughter. The photos below show what we were doing. Each group had to describe to each other the jobs they had imagined doing when they were very young. These were then printed on A4 sheets of paper, mixed up and then the group came to the front, where they had to convince people that the  job they were holding up was the one they had chosen. The the audience has to guess who was really linked to each job

We all collapsed in laughter when the two men in the last group had to try and explain why they had wanted to become a nurse and nun respetively. David, showing brilliant comic timing, looked at his sheet, paused to give his explanation of why he wanted to become a nun, and then said “Erm…I’ve always liked the colour black”

Anyway, we are all looking forward to the next session on Wed 11th April