Drama workshop, week 2

26 people turned up for the second drama workshop on Wednesday (11-04-18). It included many new people who had heard about what the sessions were like and wanted to find out more. It was another hugely enjoyable session. A series of exercises led by Emily meant that we moved via simple wordplay and physical activities into constructing stories. There was a great buzz around the room

Emily writing the instructions for one of the activities

What amazed me was how the activities enabled people to be creative and imaginative. At the same time they enabled us to get to know each other in very different ways from normal. When you start an activity in which each person write a short excerpt beginning  “The first time I….”  (eg met my partner; went on a plane; went to school) its remarkable the stories we heard which ranged from sad to humorous and thoughtful

Next we we will come with ‘one song which meant a lot to me and why’. We will Spotify some of of the choices and play clips as well as linking them to previous stories.

Things are hotting up. Who know what the next week will bring and what presentations/performances  will come out of all this, Can’t wait to find out

 People arriving for the session

A group gets down to business