Drama Workshop week 3

Week three of the drama workshops was the last being led by Emily Smith. She has been brilliant and everybody  has been having a great and productive time. Fortunately she will be returning to join in with the workshops after she has been on holiday.

This week we worked on the stories we had produced last week on the theme of “The first time I……” to produce short vignettes  in our group which we then performed, but included the narration at some point in the performance

Our group did a sketch of Christine’s memory of her first flight aged 17 from Blackpool to the Isle of Man. As Giant Haystacks was also on the tiny plane, I got to play him – not easy,  as he claimed to be 6ft 11ins tall and 46 stone in weight  – see photo:

Giant Haystacks in his prime

From next week, another seasoned theatrical pro, Kathy Francis will be taking over the workshops and on May 9th it looks like Andy Barry from the Royal Exchange will be coming along with some of the Elders he has been working with at the Royal Exchange theatre.

Dennis and David at the workshop

Emily talking to David Jackson from Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. David came along to talk about his storytelling bot project he would like to try out with Chorlton Good Neighbours

Its all happening!