Good Neighbours at the Benito Lounge

Some of us from Good Neighbours went to the Benito Lounge opening night in Chorlton on Wednesday. Benito’s have chosen us as the local charity to support so £1 from each burger sold and 50p from each coffee for the first month will go to Good Neighbours. We did check them out first because we want to be careful to only associate Good Neighbours with organisations that seem committed to the local community and offer real support

Benitos is in the old Woolworth’s building and is huge (see photo). We enjoyed ourselves, the place was heaving and noise levels were too high to really have a conversation, both because the music was too loud for our liking and the generally echoing nature of modern restaurants. The food we had (a selction of tapas) was great and the staff seemed really friendly

Angela and Christine enjoying a drink at the opening (a cup of tea and a tonic water!)

Spot Michael, our treasurer!

The very busy restaurant