Shareen Fashions – closing after 44 years in Chorlton

In 1974 Sardar and Parveen started the Shareen Fashions business in the local Chorlton village, catering for clothes for all the family. The store quickly established a reputation for a friendly service always willing to go the extra mile and began to be known for not just the range of clothing in-stock but also sourcing specialist items from christening dresses to extra-large sized clothing. The business became quickly established as a key member of the local community.

Sardar and Parveen are also residents of Chorlton and they decided to involve all 5 of their children in the business, This became a discussion point with the many staff and repeat customers and would do for several decades to come.

In 1982 the business was passed down to their youngest son Shahed who although only a recent school leaver had already spent several years in working through the business and came in with fresh ideas to modernise and adapt to the changing retail market. In the early nineties Shareen Fashions branched out to schoolwear and began forging new community relationships with local primary and secondary schools. The store prides itself on providing a quality product at an affordable price and this is clearly evident in its schoolwear range where repeat customers have petitioned to school governors for Shareen Fashions to become a stockist of their children’s school.

Shop in the 1980’s –  undergoing one of it’s many refurbishments

Shahed & Shaista with eldest son Kasim

Shareen Fashions as it is today

In recent years Shahed has been undergoing treatment for cancer and his wife and business partner Shaista has been heading up the store with support from an experienced set of hands in the original owner Sardar. Unfortunately, it has become more and more difficult to keep up the required service levels that their customers have become to expect and the family have taken the decision to close it’s doors this summer. The family will certainly miss the business and even more so the interaction with  customers and staff which has always been a key enjoyment in running the store.

Shareen Fashions has been operating and working in the local community for over 44 years and has is now one of the oldest stores in Chorlton left flying the flag for local business, speaking with Shahed and Shaista
“we would like to thank all our customers and staff that have ensured this business has thrived and survived through the ups and the downs. We will be open for the next few weeks and welcome all to come and say bye before we go and share a story or two.”

Shareen Fashions, 456 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, M21 0AG