James Bond Murder Mystery comes to Good Neighbours

Last Sunday (April 7th 2019) there was a Murder Mystery at the Good Neighbours at our Sunday Tea.
Peter Gibson, a professional actor and friend of Good Neighbours organised it. It was based round a party held for the ageing James Bond’s . 3 members of CGN’s drama group played parts. Several members of the audience dressed up for the event including Denis who dressed like Oddjob (Goldfinger’s henchman). Helen our coordinator was there wearing some (appropriate) killer heels
Well, the ageing James Bond was killed at the party by a misfiring gadget watch theat shot poison darts and the various suspects were interviewed by the police inspector. I played Titan Belt, the newly appointed head of secret operations, who had to cut the budget to save his job and whose motive to kill Bond was to meet his cost cutting targets
Helen was wearing some killer heels at the murder mystery!
Denis dressed up as Oddjob, and Tony who played “Alan Key”, Head of Invention at MI6, and who was one of the suspects
Tony as the Inspector, interviews one of ths suspects
Well, I won’t give away who did it, but everybody had great fun and the three members of the audience who got it right were given prizes for their detective skills