Thursday coffee mornings – a lot has been going on

Thursday coffee mornings as busy as ever…

Thursdays are still the highlight of the week for many of our older people so we try and have as much variety as possible during the morning. This includes an art table where tutor Susan Parry encourages people to have a go at drawing and painting using different mediums, visits from different statutory colleagues such as the audiologist with the  Hear to Help volunteers, checking people’s hearing aids and giving out batteries and advice. We also had a talk from the local Falls team who told everyone about the ways in which falls can be prevented through reducing trip hazards, eating well and exercising, and getting vitamin D and plenty of sunshine when we can.

The CGN drama group also performed their new production “ Staying Alive for Barry …” which is about different groups of travellers rushing to see Barry Gibb on Chorlton Green ,using either the tram, Bus or hot air balloon.

The drama group are performing at the Festival of Manchester in Platt Fields on Saturday 31st August at about 4pm so please go along to support them if you can.

Members of the local Falls team who gave us important information all about the ways in which falls can be prevented