Easter letter 2020 from Helen

Dear Good Neighbour

Many of you took the trouble to ring or email to say thank you for last letter so I have printed off some different exercises for you to try out, as well as included some tips from the Positive Living Group members which will help get us through the next couple of weeks.

Remember we are here if you

  • need a bit of shopping, or
  • would like someone to collect a prescription for you ;
  • or would like to have a telephone call from one of our volunteers just for a chat and to check how you are going on

CGN volunteers and staff have been absolutely amazing as you know, and we are so grateful to all of them who continue to offer their practical support to local people.

I have an up to date message for you from the Audiology Dept at Withington Hospital

The hearing aid “drop-in” service and the Audiology Department are temporarily closed due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic. This closure affects our Withington Community Hospital, Wythenshawe Hospital and Wythenshawe Forum sites. 

We are however operating a postal service for batteries and tubing, in addition to a limited repairs service. For batteries, tubing, hearing aid repairs and any other general enquiries please telephone 0161 217 3074 and we will advise you accordingly. For enquiries about referrals or appointments, please contact the Appointments Clerk on 0161 217 3150 / 3195 / 3155.

CGN also has a big box of hearing aid batteries in case you run out, and I can get them to you.

Morrisons have also been brilliant at supporting us and we are giving out regular food bags that they have donated.  Again just get in touch if you need anything or know of anyone who might.

Manchester Council now have a HUB free phone number for the City’s most vulnerable residents 8.30-5.30pm Monday – Saturday if you need to contact them: 0800 234 6123 regarding food & prescription delivery, and managing fuel top up payments.

The Contact centre is still the main number however if there are real concerns about any resident and they can be contacted on 0161 255 – 8250

For those of you who come to Thursday coffee mornings you know that we always sing Happy Birthday to those members celebrating their special day. As we can’t do that for the moment we can just sing it to them whilst standing in our kitchens!  So Happy Birthday in April to: Arthur B, John H, Maxine G, Eve H, and Diana C and anyone else celebrating this month….

I realise keeping occupied is a very big challenge at the moment so please do make the most of getting out for a little walk at the least busy times, and getting into your garden when you can. You can find video clips of some exercise routines on YouTube / Facebook if you are able to access those.

Try this link from The Physical Activity Referral Service (PARS) at Buzz who have created some exercise videos that people of all abilities can do while they are social distancing or self-isolating. They are available to view at the following links:


One of our history group members Tony has written up this little quiz for everyone so you can get those grey cells ticking over:

  • In which ocean is Easter Island located?
  • Who was the British Prime Minister at the time of The Good Friday Agreement which brought a measure of peace to Northern Ireland?
  • How many points does the word “DAFFODIL” score in Scrabble disregarding any bonus scores?
  • How is the Thursday before Good Friday known? For a bonus point what name has the Wednesday before that Thursday been traditionally known as?
  • On Good Friday 1939 which country did Italy invade?
  • Who wrote the novel about a gang of rabbits “Watership Down”?
  • Which artiste had a No 1 hit and biggest selling single of 1979 with “Bright Eyes” adapted from the soundtrack of the animated film of this novel?
  • In which country do celebrations known locally as “La Semana Santa” take place in Holy Week?
  • In which year did the Irish rebellion known as the “Easter Rising” take place?
  • By what alternative name is the Easter lily also sometimes known?

I am aiming to send out a letter fairly regularly so please feel free to send me snippets of info or ideas to share.

Facilitators, Jolene from Stories of Our Lives and Debra from the Positive Living Group are looking at ways of having small group chats, via Zoom or Whatsapp, with the regular participants of those groups . We will try and put more articles on the CGN website as we go along so log into that every now and again to keep up to date.   www.chorltongoodneighbours.org

From our calls to many of you we know people are doing great; just working through any practical issues and trying to stay focused on doing what they can.

I like listening to Greatest Hits radio station and having a little dance when I can …even though the memory of mum telling me I ‘dance like a wooden pole’ is ringing in my ears!!!     It doesn’t matter though does it, as no one is watching…

So keep well and take care

Helen Hibberd,    Co ordinator