Exercise – 10today and can you spot Bernard

A report by DEMOS (2019) found that 6m older people (55+) are physically inactive and of those 50% are completely inactive, doing no exercise whatsoever. This costs the NHS over £90m per year and lead to a lot of older people having fall and not being able to get out and about in the community

There is a daily broadcast called BBC HealthCheckUK on BBC1 at 10am each morning. As part of that they have a slot from Mr Motivator to encourage exercise.

Mr Motivator, Derrick Errol Evans

Episode 9 of HealthCheck UK Live on 10th April 2020 (see https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000h48k)

featured       (https://10today.co.uk) in which 73 year old presenter, Terry Keane, leads a series of 10 min workout sessions  based on a simple Japanese calisthenics programme which has been on radio and (later) TV since the 1920’s.  It involves gentle movement and stretching exercises

I took part in the Zoom (remote video) session yesterday. See if you can spot me in this clip from the show and also to see if those exercises suit you

Here is a screen grab where you can see all 12 Zoom participants

I certainly enjoyed it, and I have continued to do the 10Today sessions. I find the fact that Terry is not your typical lycra clad trainer and that the sessions are in 10 minutes chunks quite do-able and enjoyable. Why don’t you give it a go?

Bernard Leach