Zoom Talk by Emma Fox on the History of the Manchester Bee

Zoom Talk by Emma Fox on the History of the Manchester Bee   June 4th 2020

This talk by Emma Fox broke new ground for CGN in that the History talk this month went out on Zoom as an online video event. Here is a screenshot of some of the 25 participants

The talk was about the history of the Manchester Bee and its importance to local life.

The talk was well adapted to being on Zoom as it was full of images that came over crystal clear. Working with technology can be sometimes fraught with difficulties but it went very smoothly and was a great success. Obviously it can’t replae the face-to-face talks in the long run as many older people don’t have access to computers and the internet, or haven’t got the expertise to use Zoom.

However for those who were able to make it, enjoyed themselves immensely and in reality the images came over much better on the computer screen that on the old data projector for the face-to-face talks.

Here are some of the images:

Said the sun to the moon
Said the head to the heart
“We have more in common Than sets us apart”
Lemn Sissay. Manchester Poet

The mural, including Manchester bees, is in Old Trafford


  Manchester Bee tattoos became very popular after the Arena bombing

This was especially the case when local tattoo parlours had a day in which they did free Bee tattoos with people making a donation to the Arena Bombing survivors fund

This is the queue outside Sacred Art Tattoo in Chorlton going along Edge Lane and right to the end of Cross Road on 28 May 2017. That Sunday in Chorlton & elsewhere in Manchester, local tattoo artists were raising money for the victims and families affected by the actions of the 22-05-17 suicide bombing. Tattoos of a bee were being offered for £50, with all of the profits going to the fund

This is another mural of Manchester Bees  painted on the side of the Koffee Pot cafe in town by Russ Mehan (aka Qubek)

Here he is working on the mural

Altogether our experiment with having a Zoom talk went really well and we aim to bring further talks like this on a monthly basis